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light up time pop blue

light up time pop blue

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Unleash a world of interactive excitement with Time Pop - the ultimate push poppers game that's taking playtime to a whole new level

An exciting new game that stimulates your senses and keeps you hooked. It involves using your hands to pop bubbles as soon as they appear and resetting them by pressing the back button before time runs out.

Five Thrilling Game Modes:

Pass Through Mode: Test your reflexes as you navigate the lights in this challenging game.

Memory Mode: Can you remember and recreate the light patterns? Put your memory to the test!

Scoring Mode: Compete for high scores and bragging rights with this intense mode.

Multiplayer Mode: Challenge your friends and family to epic showdowns - the more, the merrier!

Question Mode: Get ready for a poppin' quiz! Answer questions and unlock surprises with every correct response.

Also available in pink, blue & orange 

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