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Chewigem infinity chew

Chewigem infinity chew

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Introducing the Infinity Sensory Chew Pendant - Rainbow: The Premier Molar Sensory Chew. This pendant, designed with Sensory Support in mind, revolutionizes your sensory experience. Join the Sensory Wearable Revolution and wear your sensory support proudly. Unmatched Safety Standards ensure safety. - The Sensooli Infinity Sensory Pendant - Rainbow is a molar-specific sensory chew. - Created by Chewigem, a company that understands Sensory Processing Difficulties. - The pendant combines fashion with sensory benefits. - It meets high safety standards and is made from food-grade silicone. - Chewigem's Sensooli Infinity Sensory Pendant - Rainbow is a durable, stylish sensory stimulation option. Experience the best in Chewlery with the Sensooli Infinity Sensory Pendant - Rainbow. This sensory chew toy is a fashion statement, allowing you to wear your sensory support.

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